Securecomp – “Roarke Industries Securecomp arm had the (Code Red) contract, and R and D is working on it.” Reva Ewing works in R and D, for Roarke Industries Securecomp arm.[1]

The contract Securecomp holds was provided by the Global Intelligence Council to develop and create an exterminator program and shield against the threat posed by the Doomsday Group.[2]

The level-ten lab at Securecomp (where Reva, Yoshi Tokimoto, and LaSalle work) could only be accessed by employees with the highest clearance. The lab was pristine with filters and purifiers to keep the air absolutely clean. Floors, walls, ceilings were all unrelieved white and there were no windows. The walls were six inches (15.24 cm) thick and minicams were positioned to record every area, all personnel, every movement, and every sound.[3]

Authorized personnel wore encoded badges, and passed through staging areas each time they entered or exited the lab. Access required voice, retinal, and palmprint verification. The scanners, alarm, and preventatives should have made it impossible to remove any data from the lab without (Roarke’s) knowledge and authorization.[4]

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