Feeney, Sheila

Mentioned throughout the series

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: Unknown
  • Eyes: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Address: Third floor apartment of one of Roarke’s buildings.[1]
  • Relationships: Ryan Feeney (husband); unnamed children and grandchildren
  • Occupation: Unknown



  • According to Eve, “Mrs. Feeney, she’s one of the ones who gets it. She understands the cop, the job, the life. Probably why she has all those weird hobbies.”[2]
  • Mrs. Feeney told Feeney that the reason he railed at Dallas was because she was family; that she’d let him rail at her because he was her family. Nobody, according to Sheila, beat each other up as regularly or as thoughtlessly as family.[3]


  • Feeney indicated that he picked Sheila up in a bar.[4]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Sheila has a sister who went to the Paradise Salon for her twenty-fifth anniversary. Feeney said it cost near as much as his kid’s wedding.[5]
  • She gave Feeney cologne for their anniversary that made him smell like a fancy green salad.[6]
  • She loves it when Feeney rubs elbows with celebrities.[7]
  • Feeney said that Sheila was going to require her family to dress for Christmas dinner; he said her gravy is lethal.[8]
  • In Memory in Death, she was only ‘letting’ Feeney drink decaffeinated coffee.[9]
  • When Sheila is in a mood to cook Feeney’s brains for breakfast, he can usually save himself by taking her flowers with a sappy look on his face.[10]
  • Sheila had a penchant for hobbies and crafts, and was always making things. Often unidentifiable things. There was a strangely shaped vase in streaky colors of red and orange that Eve determined was Mrs. Feeney’s work.[11]
  • Feeney was wearing a tattered purple terry cloth robe and stated, “If you saw the one the wife got me for Christmas, you’d understand why I’m still wearing this one.”[12]
  • She’s been taking a class on alternative medicine, and has it in her head colonics are the cure for every damn thing.[13]
  • Sheila told Dallas she would hold her responsible if the work Eve gave Feeney set back his recovery (when he was sick).[14]

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