Silent Running Roarke instructed the computer in his office to lock down his room only, for silent running. Titanium shields lowered on the windows, while others slid into place over the doors. The lights took on a red cast, and every machine in the room sent out a series of beeps and hums. The computer announced 'lockdown complete, silent running fully engaged'.[1]

When Roarke instructed the computer to open Panel A, a section of the wall opened and, inside, was a small room, hardly bigger than a closet. It held what looked like a high-end drying tube, with clear, rounded sides and a door with no apparent lock. There were no visible controls. This small 'room' was an individual full-body security scanner, higher intensity than what's on the market currently; it will also read vital signs as it scans. Roarke had been working on this on his own.[2]

When Reva Ewing was scanned, it detected a single operable electronic device, subdermal, section two (the back of her neck, under the skin). It had been planted there without her knowledge by Blair Bissel.[3]

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