Skulls – A gang who went to war regularly with the Soldados for territory, product, and general pissiness.[1] Seventeen years ago (Spring of 2043), after the explosion at the school dance in Soldado territory, another explosion went off at a sandwich joint (now a 24/7) in Skull territory. It was set off by a timed homemade boomer that killed four minors, one adult, and injured six others (those murdered include Kobie Smith and Quinto Turner).[2] Lino Martinez, the primary suspect, disappeared two days before the bombing.[3]

Later, Detective Stuben said the site wasn't strict Skull territory; it was in the disputed turf, but plenty of them [Skull gang members] hung out there.[4] Stuben mentioned the Bloods in passing, when he discussed the Skulls.[5]

The Skulls held territory from 122nd up to 128th, with some territory west of Fifth where they disputed their borders with the Bloods. The eastern slice between 118th and 124th, that was the hot zone of the battleground—that was where each wanted more territory—that was where the bombings took place.[6]

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