DiCarlo, Sophia – Nanny (au pair)

Appears in Imitation in Death

Personal InformationEdit

Interesting FactsEdit

  • She is hoping to improve herself so, on her day off, she will often visit the Metropolitan Museum.[1]
  • Mrs. Renquist told Sophia not to speak with Dallas.[2]
  • Sophia has worked for the Renquists for five years, since Rose (their daughter) was only one year old. She is very fearful of losing her position and losing Rose.[3]
  • Niles Renquist has been manipulating and forcing a sexual relationship on Sophia; while Pamela Renquist knows about this she says nothing (according to Sophia, Mrs. Renquist knows everything that goes on in the house). Sophia is afraid Mrs. Renquist would hurt her more than Mr. Renquist is she finds out Sophia spoke of it.[4]

References Edit

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