Starlight – A retro club in Chelsea with a 1940's theme.[1] The club was a wide and sparking space divided into three levels. Each was accessed by a short set of wide, white stairs. And each, even at this hour, was filled with people who sat at white-clothed tables or silver-cushioned booths.[2]

The waitstaff, men in formal white suits, women in short, full-skirted black dresses, moved from table to table serving drinks from trays. Elegance and sophistication were the bywords ... music pumped out from the band (orchestra, as there were at least twenty of them with strings, horns, a piano, drums) on the glossy black stage. And the swinging beat had couples massing over what was the centerpiece of the club. The dance floor. Black and silver, the large pattern of square gleamed and sparkled under the shimmering lights of slowly revolving mirror balls.[3]

The club has Monday teas geared toward their older patrons.[4]

The office was simply and efficiently furnished, and reflected business. All business. Wall screens displayed the club, various areas – which included the kitchen, wine cellar, and liquor storage area. The desk held a multi-link, a computer, and a tray of disc files.[5]

Sarifina York and Zela Wood were employed at Starlight; Morris took a friend there, as well.[6]

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