Ring, Stephanie – Prosecuting Attorney

Appears in Midnight in Death; (December 25, 2058 - January 1, 2059)[1]


  • A single career woman who enjoyed surrounding herself with attractive things.[2]

Homicide InformationEdit

  • Ring's body was found stretched out naked on the carousal in Central Park. There were dozens of long, thin slices over her arms and legs, the flesh around the wounds shriveled and discolored (indicating something toxic).[3]
  • Her feet had been dislocated and "LET'S KILL ALL THE LAWYERS" was carved into her midriff. She had been slowly strangled by a rope that was still around her neck; the same kind of rope that had been used on Harold Wainger.[4]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Stephanie Ring was the APA during David Palmer's trial; Cicely Towers (deceased) prosecuted the case and Ring assisted her. Dallas sent police officers to guard her but she was already missing.[5]

References Edit

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