Whittier, Steven James

Appears in Remember When; (September, 2059)[1]

Personal InformationEdit

  • Hair: Stone gray
  • Eyes: Blue (faded)
  • Address: East Side
  • Relationships: Patricia (wife); Trevor Whittier (son); Janine Strokes Whittier (mother); Alex Crew (father)
  • Occupation: Owner and operator of Whittier Construction


  • Sturdy and dependable with a sense of humor. A man of slightly less than average height, with the bare beginnings of a pot-belly. His arms and legs were well muscled, and hard as brick.[2]


  • Married his wife thirty-two years ago. He was the builder, she, the society princess; Steve was beer and soy dogs while Pat was vintage wine and caviar.[3]
  • He told Trevor about their connection to Alex Crew, as he knew that Samantha Gannon was writing Hot Rocks.[4]
  • As a boy, he and his mother, Judith Crew (now Janine Strokes Whittier) spent years running and hiding from his father but he always found them. Alex Crew found them in Columbus, Ohio when Steve was seven; it was the last time Steve saw him. He was eighteen when they stuck with the name ‘Whittier’.[5]
  • His father gave him a toy bulldozer when he was a boy; he kept it as he liked to think he razed and buried his past.[6]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • He claimed sipping Earl Grey out of his favorite red mug added flavor.[7]
  • Still gets involved on every construction project and travels from site to site and joining in like any other laborer. Steve’s only regret is that his son, Trevor, hadn’t shown an interest in the business and would only work half a day at the office four days a week.[8]
  • His company was doing a rehab on a five-story building on Avenue B where Trevor murdered Tina Cobb.

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