Johnson, Tiko

Tiko is a young, brash street entrepreneur. He first appears in Memory in Death (December, 2059).[1]

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: He had skin the color of good black coffee,eyes of impossible green and nimble fingers.[2]
  • Age: 7 or 8 (maybe)[3]
  • Eyes: Green
  • Relationships: Abigail Johnson (great-grandmother)


  • Coffee-black skin, vivid green eyes, a curly high-top of top of hair, and short, sturdy legs. Venusian green eyes.[4]


  • According to Tiko, stealing is lazy; any dumbass can steal. In contrast, making money "takes brains and some juice".[5]
  • He digs in (he's persuasive/stubborn).[3]
  • He was a squirt of a thing, a kid who probably should’ve been home playing video games or sweating over math homework. But at heart, Tiko was a businessman.[6]
  • "Junior entrepreneur. Smart as they came and canny with it."[7]


  • His mother has been busted for illegals, solicitation without a license, and shoplifting that upped to petty theft that upped to grand larceny. Last couple of busts were down in Florida.[8]
  • His father is unknown.[8]
  • His granny has been guardian since he was about a year old.[8]
    • She "gave him room to be himself, and rules to live by. And a foundation that meant he’d never find himself in a cop shop with a bloodstained sticker in evidence."[7]


  • In late 2059, Tiko is selling mufflers and scarves out of a battered suitcase with an airboard hanging on a strap at his back.[2]
  • Tiko works Broadway, from Forty-second up to Forty-seventh. He sells "cashmere" scarves and hats in cold weather, and "silk" scarves and ties in good weather.[4]
  • In December 2060, his business has expanded and he has two employees "for the Christmas rush".[6]

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Dallas first met him when she was investigating the death of Tubbs in December of 2059.
  • Dallas occasionally goes to him for gifts.
    • Eve bought a scarf for Dennis Mira at Christmas 2059.
    • He tried to sell her a cap in March 2060.[4]
    • She gets his help in choosing gifts for five friends before Christmas 2060.[9]
  • He went to Cop Central to tell Eve about some suspicious activity and suspicious characters that have been 'round his yard' every day for the last five weeks. He thinks the thieves are bad for his business, because visitors won't have money to buy his merchandise.[4]
    • For Tiko's good deed and good citizenship, they received a $1000 reward.[10]

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