Roarke's ToysEdit

Though he has the limousines and the jets, as a crack pilot and a former Grand Prix racer, Roarke enjoys manning the controls whenever possible.


  • Roarke's limo has a well-stocked Auto Chef which dispenses gourmet meals and cups of real coffee. The limo is reinforced and could withstand a hailstorm of boomers. [1] One driver named in the series is Russ in Strangers in Death.[2]

Private JetEdit

  • The first Roarke Owned private jet we see him using is the JetStar 6000.[3]

Home EntertainmentEdit

Game RoomEdit

  • Arcade Games
    • Pinball Machine ('Cops and Robbers')[4]
  • Pool Tables[5]
  • Video Games and Game Stations[6]
  • VR tubes


  • Sparring droids
  • Video track[7] (similar to a treadmill but provides much more 'real life' conditions)
  • Weights


Music RoomEdit


  • Lagoon

Video RoomEdit

Air VehiclesEdit


  • Big, black, sleek as a panther.[9]


  • Sleek little copter with whirling silver blades.[10]

Private ShuttlesEdit

Road VehiclesEdit



Air/Land Sports Streamer (ALS)Edit

All-Terrain (unnamed)Edit

  • Two listed in the series:
    • (May be the same, or similar to, the four-wheel) A muscular vehicle with the traction and power of a jet-tank.[17] Dr. Mira thinks it's a very sexy ride.[18] A pocket 'link can be interfaced with the system of the all-terrain.[19]
    • It was described as muscular and roomy; a prototype that won't go on line for a couple of months yet.[20]

Four-wheel (unnamed)Edit

  • Four-wheel (unnamed) – Powerful and sturdy as a jet-tank with a manual transmission.[21]

GF2000 Jet-BikeEdit

Sundry CarsEdit

  • 'Sharp-looking sedan' (unnamed)[23]
  • A slick two-seat convertible in glittering silver.[24]

Stargrazer 5000XEdit

  • Fully loaded with safety and life support systems, it was a sleek, silver torpedo shape with an elaborated and streamlined two-seater cockpit.[25]



  • An 'iced' black car that requires a key card and code for entry. It has a backseat.[27]


  • Roarke has a secured, unregistered system in his home, office, and other properties. These systems are hidden from CompuGuard and he uses his computer skills to avoid detection.[28] (Silent Running capability in his home office.)[29]


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