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Introduction Edit

Trina is the hairstylist of the "rich and famous" who continually terrifies Eve Dallas.[1]

Descriptions Edit

  • Trina, like Mavis, has a changeable appearance.
  • In Immortal in Death she had jewel toned curls, purple brows, and a rosebud tattoo on the side of her nose.[2]
    • Trina's hair was in sharp ebony spikes that could gouge an eye at three paces.[3]
    • Thin pointed nose and breasts the size of farm-grown cantaloupes.[4] She speaks in a tone that is the vocal equivalent of rusted iron.[5] She had an ear-blasting laugh the tone of a rusted tuba.[6]
  • Green eyes[7]
  • In Promises in Death, her hair was pale gold.[8]
  • She has firm, wide hands and clever fingers.[9]

Fashions Edit

  • "Her hair was in short corkscrew curls, with each twist a different jewel tone. Her left earlobe was encased in silver hoops that draped a tiwsted chain around and under her pointed chin to her other ear where it was affixed with a gingle thumb-size stud. There was a tattoo of a rosebud along the side of her thin, pointed nose. Over Electric blue eyes, her brows were sharp Vs of royal purple wich matched, Eve saw in amazement, the micro-size suspendered playsuit that ended in cuffs just south of her crotch. The suspenders were strategically placed over bare breasts to cover the nipples." [10]
  • "Trina was wearing eyebrow rings today, a fact that made Eve wince when she looked at the tiny gold hoops pinned to the outer line. Her hair, a deep plum purple, was slicked up in a foot-high cone." [11]
  • "Her choice of outfit was a somewhat conservative black jumpsuit with the holiday touch of naked Santas dancing over each breast." [12]
  • "... this one with twelve-inch coils shooting out of her head in screaming red, strolled in." [13]
  • "Beside her Trina, her own hair in a foot-high ebony mountain ..." [14]
  • "Hands with inch-long saphire nails." "That made Trina laugh and sent the little sapphire she had centered on her left eyetooth winking." [15]
  • "With her green skinsuit covered with a birght pink smock." [16]
  • "She'd chopped off her raven black hair close to the scalp and had a neon pink design of a butterfly dyed over the crown. She'd repeated the motif with temporary tattoos - or so he assumed - at the corner of her mouth, and in a running line, necklace style, over her shoulders and along the tops of her impressive breasts." [17]
  • "Trina, who'd transformed her own hair into a waterfall down her back, in blinding white, smiled - evilly, Eve thought." [18]

Interesting Facts Edit

  • She is first introduced with Biff, a fabric expert.[19]
  • She said she gives the best shampoo and head massage in the business.[20]
  • Occasionally, Trina applies a temporary tattoo on Eve without her knowledge.[21] (See also Personal Enhancements)
  • Trina is a certified personal body and style consultant.[22]
  • Hired by Nadine Furst for the show Now.[23]
  • Trina, in addition to working for Nadine, manages the salon section of the downtown spa Bliss.[24]
  • Trina, while she was wearing her hair as a brunette (Caramel Mocha with Starfish highlights) was targeted by The Groom.[25]
  • Trina abbreviated speech: R-and-P type – Roly and poly type[26]
  • Trina thinks Detective Yancy is 'a yummy one'.[27]

References Edit

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