Underground – Multiple mentions throughout the series.

  • Conspiracy in Death
    • Location of Gametown, in the bowels of downtown (underground), there wasn't a city employee who ventured into what was known as the Square without combat gear and stunners.[1]
    • Slime, Eve mused, had to breed somewhere. This was ripe ground for it. Below the streets, out of the air, into the deep, dank world of unlicensed whores and doomed addicts. Every few years, the mayor's office made noises about cleaning up the underground ... Occasionally, quick, half-assed police and security sweep was employed, a handful of losers picked up and tossed in cages, some of the worst joints shut down for a day or two.[2]
    • She'd been on one of those sweeps during her days in uniform, and she hadn't forgotten the bowel-loosening terror, the screams, the flash of blades or stink of homemade boomers.[3]
  • Reunion in Death
    • VR Hell, a hangout for Mook, is located underground. They headed down filthy steps and veered off from the subway entrance into the rat hole of a tunnel that led to the underground. Lights glowed dull red and dirty blue in a kind of snarling carnival of sex, games, and entertainment suited for the cold and the cruel.[4]

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