Harvo, Ursa

Appears in Visions in Death

Personal InformationEdit

  • General Description: Probably the whitest woman Eve had ever seen breathing
  • Age: unknown
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Green (color of spring grass)

Introduction Edit

Harvo is a hair and fiber specialist in NYPSD crime lab. She was introduced as the Queen of Hair, the Fiber Princess, and the Goddess of Speed and Efficiency in Visions in Death[1], then became Goddess of Fiber in Memory in Death[2]

Descriptions Edit

  • Skin the color of milk powder
  • Bright green eyes
  • Thin slash of mouth
  • Hair in a tuft about three inches high, sticking straight out
  • Fingernails painted
  • Wore a black tunic instead of a lab coat

Personality Edit

  • Won’t sleep with Dickhead[3]
  • Sense of humor, easy-going
  • Professional

Interesting Facts Edit

  • Chews gum [4]
  • Her father is "head of forensics at Quantico"[5] (probably the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia)


  • She was called 'Harpo' in Missing in Death, Kindred in Death,[6] and "Chaos in Death".[5]

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