ZigZag – Located on Sixty-first and Lex.[1] The first club Mavis Freestone visited on her way to Leonardo's loft the night Pandora was murdered. ZigZag is an open, two-level structure dominated by five bars and twin revolving dance floors (stacked one over the other) that are turned on at 9:00 pm. The lunch menu offered sandwiches and salads, all named after dead rockers. It appears to be a relatively clean business that gets a little wild at times, but doesn't get out of hand. Dennis is the owner/operator of the club.[2]

  • Food:
    • Elvis and Joplin Combo
      • Peanut butter and banana on white [bread], with a side of vidalia onions and jalapeños.[3]
    • Mick Jagger
      • Some type of sandwich Feeney ordered to go.[4]

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